TLC Pools is a well-respected, multi-award winning pool and landscape contractor, with a reputation for creating contemporary large scale pool and landscape packages.



The process would commence with Design, either through our in house designer or from a reputable design company. Once the design has been finalised and agreed to, the project will be handed over to our Construction team at TLC Pools.

The process of pool and landscape construction is very similar to our pool only construction processes. Scott Wynd, Director, will meet with you on site to discuss your pool and landscape needs, review the design and confirm pool location, etc.

A quotation is then drafted based on this consultation. The quotation includes the pool and landscape prices.


TLC Pools is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Our Involvement

Once the quotation has been agreed to, the process of creating your pool and landscape can commence. We coordinate and submit all the documentation and applications necessary to get the works underway, including engineering, permits, contracts, etc.
TLC Pools is directly involved with the construction and project management of your pool and landscape. Sean Ramak, Director, coordinate and carry out works.


We strongly believe in clear, open and honest communication and we are always available to discuss your project. Whilst building a pool and landscape can be challenging, we want this to be an easy, enjoyable and memorable experience. We hope that you are excited to come home and see progress made and the project when its finished.

A thorough handover is the final stage of the process. At this time, Scott or Sean will go through all the pool equipment, discuss pool maintenance and ensure that the pool is working and functioning as it should. They will also discuss landscape features and maintenance. You are provided with a handover folder that contains manuals and other important product information for your reference.