Get Your Pool Summer Ready!

Get Your Pool Summer Ready!

It’s that time of the year … The days are getting longer and warmer and your pool is probably in need of a little love and attention. Here’s our five tips to get your pool summer ready:

  1. Turn on the solar heating – a rule we follow here at TLC is to turn this on around Grand Final Day or Cup Day (depending on when spring decides to join us) and off again at Easter;
  2. Give your pool a REALLY good clean – vacuum, scrub the sides, get all the winter debris out of there. Get it looking inviting once again;
  3. Test the water – take a sample of your water to your local pool shop and get them to test it and work out what chemicals, if any, you need. This should also be done periodically throughout summer to ensure healthy water and healthy swimmers! Healthy pool chemistry also helps prolong the life of your pool interior;
  4. Backwash Sand Filter or Pressure Wash Cartridge Filters – clean these filters and get them ready to help keep your pool clean and to make sure your pumps work well over summer;
  5. Consider increasing your filtration / chlorination times to 8 hours per day right through summer to make sure your pool can cope with all that extra sun and activity (UV, body fats and sunscreen all reduce the level of chlorine in your pool). We suggest running your filtration in two four hours blocks, 7-11am and again at 4-8pm, because it will pull the leaves off the top at the same time and will also reduce leaf debris falling to the bottom of the pool.

And, of course …. ENJOY!!

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