Project Description

The design took into consideration its rural environment, scale (1/2 acre approx.), how to best capture views and use of focal points both inside the residence out to the pool and from the landscape out towards the vista beyond. It also considered the style of residence that was being constructed at the same time. The home appears as a modern take on a traditional farmhouse, therefore the pool and landscape reflect this with its modern yet agricultural look and material selection.

The arbour connected to the pool picture frames the view beyond, whilst the negative edge on the pool creates the feel of the natural landscape continuing beyond what was created.

Material selection was inspired by the surrounding rural environment. Paving and interior pool selections reflect colours that naturally occur in the views beyond the property.

Pool fencing incorporated agricultural elements; the negative edge of pool and associated retaining walls are fencing compliant whilst acting as a “ha ha” (a wall that allows stock to approach without breaching particular areas of properties).

Project Details

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