As you can see from the images, this project has come along way since we last posted about it. The paving under the feature pergola is complete, the pool is now fully tiled and the paving around the pool is also finished. You can see now how the pergola creates that “picture frame” around the view beyond, drawing your eye over the pool and towards those rolling hills in the distance. You can also see the considered materials selection, using natural products such as the bluestone, highland slate and flinders quartzite, to tie in with this rural scape.

A big week of planting, irrigation, turfing and driveway construction in yet to come!

This large scale rural project has rolling hills and pastures as its backdrop. It was important, when considering the construction materials, to be in harmony with this setting.

This project is being built in conjunction with Comdain Homes. TLC Pools and Comdain Homes have a long standing close working relationship.

This project is currently under construction. We will continue to post updates to demonstrate how a space can be transformed from a vacant plot to a stunning landscape.